We are your trusted information technology partner.  Sure, but what does that mean exactly?  For the “nuts and bolts” stuff (the workstations, servers, and mobile devices) we provide a package of best practices and systems.  This ensures that the mechanical parts of your infrastructure keep running without interrupting the flow of your business.

In brief, this includes:

  • A productivity system based on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.  This includes email, calendaring, file management, and additional communication and collaboration tools.
  • Workstation and server monitoring agents and antivirus software.  This keeps us aware of what is happening on your systems.
  • Mobile Device Management to keep tabs on where your data is being used on mobile devices.
  • A responsive and professional help desk to address any issues that come up.
  • We handle patching and updates on your workstations and servers to make sure you are always safe and up-to-date.
  • Documentation and organization of all your important IT information.

In addition, we will meet with you on a regular basis to talk about your business and see how else we can help.  We’ll also include a summary of any technical tasks we’ve completed since we last met.

This is just a subset of the items included in our monthly packages.  Contact us today to learn more!